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Princess Sasami

Princess Sasami came to Earth in search for her big sister Ayeka. Sasami is cute (but not as cute as me) and is a very good cook. I often observe her playing with Ryo-Ohki. Sasami has a hidden secret though. She is actually Tsunami, the goddess. When Sasami was very young she "died" in a terrible fall. Tsunami sencing the child would soon perish, entered her body and two became one. I suspect when Sasami is grown she will look very much like Tsunami. Won't that be a shocker for my Ryoko and the princess Ayeka! Now I'll have to live that long to see that day. Sasami was also Magica Girl Pretty Sammy in its special. Tsunami gave her special powers to fight evil. In my opinion she should have stuck with the Tenchi script.

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