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The All Knowing Washu

Hi1 I'm Washu, one of the three Goddesses in the Tenchiverse, and sister to Lady Tokimi and Tsunami. Much of my memory as a goddess is no longer present. Being a goddess I can change form from a little Washu to a fully Mature Washu. And please!!!! Call me Little Washu! Don't Ever call me Miss!! I was a professor at the graduate school of the Galaxy Science Academy. While I was a student in the academy I fell in love, married, and had a child with another student of the academy. Because I was not of the upper class my husband was from, his family took my child away from me. I don't believe that grown ups can love unconditionaly. That is why I stay in the body of a twelve year old, and only showing her mature self to Tenchi when offering to bear his child. Some people think that my true child is Mihoshi due to it having wavy blond hair but I really hope this is not true!! I was trapped in subspace by Kagato untill Mihoshi released me! But I could have done it on my own eventually. My sub-space Laboratory consists of five planets. The main one is at the center and it is surrounded by the other four, they are all linked to each other by orbital evaluators. When I moved into Tenchi's I created an elevator to my lab in his storage closet. I really like my cute little crab symbol and I always have my puppets on hand to back me up!

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